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Welcome to IMU-MPC LIBRARY Mumbai Port Campus

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Welcome to IMU-MPC Library, Mumbai Port Campus, Mumbai



IMU Mumbai Port campus had two libraries Lending (MERI library) and Reference (LBS Library). These two libraries were merged into one Central IMU-MPC Library. The Library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents that is useful for the Faculty, Cadets, and Sailors in their education and research activities in the University or even outside. The major objective of the library is to acquire useful information sources, process, organize and to make them available to the users.

The library has been automated with the help of in-house Koha software and has developed its own Library website, Digital Library and a Mobile App for providing better and fast service to the cadets and faculty within a short span of two years only.

Cadets are encouraged to take advantage of the library resources and are given individual assistance on the use of primary sources, charts/maps and drawings etc.

The library has a collection of 15,000 documents consisting of books and manuals, ship drawings, articles, project reports, standards, reports, national and international periodicals, bound volumes, CD ROMs and equipment catalogues.